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Cratebug - Chicago Edits Vol 1 [BUG001]

Cratebug - Chicago Edits Vol 1 [BUG001]

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Label: Bug Records 

Cratebug is a Chicago Dj, Producer & Remixer. His remixes and edits are hot gold and have found their way into the music arsenals and playlists of many of the most respected and well known House & Disco djs in the world..

ACID TRAIN - This track screams Chicago! Featuring the train horn that is synonymous with the Warehouse, Music Box and overall House sound of Chicago…
but it's guaranteed you have NEVER heard it quite like this as it mutates into a hotbed of Acid House! A hit in Berlin!

CLOCK BEATS - An edit of an early 80's electronic classic that has been rocked steadily by Derrick Carter because it is a proven dancefloor monster!
This version makes an instant impact and generates immediate response with those familiar with the original as well as with those with new ears.
A sureshot if there ever was one…..

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