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Beatles - With The Beatles [95638242017PMI]

Beatles - With The Beatles [95638242017PMI]

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With The Beatles, the follow-up to The Beatles’ debut album Please Please Me, consolidated their position as the United Kingdom’s number one pop act.

The album was released eight months to the day after Please Please Me, and was an instant hit. Although no singles were taken from it, With The Beatles came three months after ‘She Loves You’ became a smash, and just seven days before The Beatles conquered the world with ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’.

Seven of the album’s 14 tracks were written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. On Please Please Me the pair had demonstrated to audiences that they were more than capable at writing their own material, and With The Beatles proved that they were no flash in the pan.

The Beatles rarely had a day off in 1963, working a punishing schedule of recording sessions, concerts, dozens of radio and television appearances and numerous other public engagements. On 13 October they appeared on Sunday Night At The London Palladium before a television audience of 15 million, winning over Fleet Street journalists who coined the term Beatlemania to describe their fans’ hysteria, and the following month they appeared before the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret at the Royal Command Performance.

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