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Anthony Nicholson feat. Imani - Just Do It [CM60V]

Anthony Nicholson feat. Imani - Just Do It [CM60V]

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Label: Circular Motion

Fresh off the critically acclaimed re-release of the Circular Motion classic BlakMuzic EP on limited edition colored vinyl.  Anthony & his signature Circular Motion imprint come with a hefty portion of Boogie-inspired and JazzFunk inflected dancefloor burner.  The juxtaposition of fat punchy basslines accentuated by the rolling and melodic chord structure creates a sublime undercurrent of complexity.  “Just Do It” is reminiscent of a bygone era when R&B was a swinging and danceable. element of Club Music.  One might find intricate parallels to Leroy Burgess & Patrick Adams listening to this tuneage.   We feel ”Just Do It” reprises the delite one would feel on the dance floor of the Paradise Garage listening to this tune.

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