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Montrell - Angel [PANTHER002]

Montrell - Angel [PANTHER002]

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Label: Panther Records

This 12” is Montrell’s very first vinyl release. Side A contains the Angel EP, which was recorded live in Angel Studios in 2020, and produced by Flyte drummer Jon Supran. It explores the mental struggles of addiction and infidelity. Elton John recently tipped the second track as 'something really special'.

Side B contains the Lemon EP, which was recorded by the band underneath a cobbled street in central London in 2019, following a European tour. The nihilistic lyric 'We’re all just lemons on a large spinning ball' inspired their familiar lemon logo. Montrell are now preparing for their first UK tour, in September 2021.


Side A Magnets / Simpler in the Dark / Medicine

Side B Glow / Aqua / Aeroplane / Don’t Stop Me Baby

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