Ali Demir remix Sil - Mind Black EP [MODEIGHT011]
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Ali Demir remix Sil - Mind Black EP [MODEIGHT011]

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Label: Modeight

Continuing its streak of red hot releases, Modeight Records now shines a light on an exciting new talent in Icelandic artist Ali Demir. Injecting a funky, infectious energy into 3 original compositions, backed up by a sublime remix from label head Silat Beksi himself. The young artist beguiles the listener with his raw and rollicking flow. From the uber fun, head bobbing bassline jam on "Fluent Whistler", to the slick electronic riffs of "Kumpas", and the deep, sub sonic wiggle of "Blackout", Ali Demir carves out a sophisticated and immensely enjoyable sonic journey. A breakout release for an artist who's certainly be one to watch in future.

  • Tracklist:

  • Fluent Whistler

  • Kumpas

  • Blackout

  • Blackout (Silat Beksi Remix)