Ajukaja & Ats - Signal EP
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Ajukaja & Ats - Signal EP

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MIDA is back on the racks in 2021 with a swirly three-tracker 12” by Tallinn's musical units Ajukaja & Ats.

The “signal” referred to in the title is delivered thru a sturdy sequencer built by Andrevski – a true unsung hero of Estonia's underground. It does look a bit like a cash register, but who cares if the outcome sings on the A side like a boozed up stork family flying home in spring. Leading the storks is a ravey synth line that stays put while Ajukaja shakes the drum machines & Ats juggles with the bleeping bloops.

The B side explores a path of its own: ”Swim” drifts deep in a one-take splashy rhythm. “Lock” ties it neatly together with minimal effort – it's a kick-free number that will make you look up at the sky. Uh-oh, the storks are long gone.