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Adelphi Music Facto - Electric Arc Furn [SNF059]

Adelphi Music Facto - Electric Arc Furn [SNF059]

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Label: Shall Not Fade 

Adelphi Music Factory are a collective hailing from Sheffield, here in their own words to "increase the peace". Their uplifting and addictive house, flooded with nods to the British rave sound, brings people together to dance. The collective has seen a meteoric rise in fame, gaining plaudits from global DJs and their releases repeatedly tipped by Annie Mac as the hottest records in the world. Their debut on Shall Not Fade in August sold out, with the repress flying out. Now they're back for more; Electric Arc Furnace EP is a ferocious record, cementing Adelphi Music Factory as a northern powerhouse. Like their other releases, Electric Arc Furnace is all about fuelling the dance. "Jive Turkey" kicks off the EP with truly monstrous percussion, pausing only for a euphoric sax solo reprieve, making it perfect summer day party gear. "Rejoice With Me (I Need You)" is a gospel heater; bouncing beat and strings underpinning textbook praise break vocal tackle, epitomising what Adelphi Music Factory are about - hands-in-the-air house music. Closing out the EP, "Sample Seduction" is awash with second summer of love hardcore vibes simmering over a thumping four four groove. Classic vocal sampledge brings the record to a crescendo, evoking memories of the sweatiest rave you've ever been to.

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