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A Psychic Yes – That Swamp Feeling [SCHL004]

A Psychic Yes – That Swamp Feeling [SCHL004]

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Label: Schloss Records

The fourth release on Schloss Records comes from British multi-instrumentalist and polyrhythmic wizard A Psychic Yes (Timothy Crombie). While most of us are even confused as to where to place a hi-hat, Crombie carefully and effortlessly arranges a bouquet of bleepy bloops, melodic U-turns and chaotic ideas, welding together a beautiful soundscape that makes perfect sense.


Or as one friend described it: “his music tastes like strawberries”. A Psychic Yes has previously released music on Kalahari Oyster Cult and Tech Startup. The B-side features a lush remix from Bristolian DJ and producer Hodge. Artwork, as always, by Schloss co-founder Ida Ekblad. That Swamp Feeling' is mastered by Matt Karmil.

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